This is a blog inspired by my least favorite expression. All my life people have told me I should write a book, opining the idea as though it was not only novel (see what I did there?), but most annoying, just that simple.

Writing a book is not simple. It is the opposite of simple. It is the antithesis of simple. If simple and writing a book wound up in the same restaurant at the same table sitting next to one another, both wearing the same dress, no one would say, “Hey, are you two related?” No one.

The problem? All my life I’ve wanted to write a book. I’ve actually written two, but I usually feel lame saying that for two reasons:

1. It sounds pompous beyond belief.

2. It doesn’t really count unless it’s published. And neither of mine are. And not for lack of trying.

But, alas, instead of finding myself sharply averse to the idea completely (AKA, the intelligent thing to do), I find myself searching for more and more outlets soothe the authorial (That’s a real word. Look it up) desire.

Long story short (will the puns NEVER STOP?!?), I’m starting this blog. Where I will post only fiction. That I have written.

It probably won’t all be one story, but maybe at some point my characters will meet. No promises, though. To keep it straight, each main character will be assigned a category, so you can follow a single story line by selecting said category from the drop-down menu on the homepage. Feel free to leave comments.

But unless you work at a publishing company, no one had dare better tell me I should write a book.